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Racing team

Hagon Superlite shocks - Type D

An economy range for motorcycles up to 200cc with black body and either chrome or black dual rate springs, multigrade damping oil and circlip spring adjustment. Supplied in complete pairs.


Hagon Trail shocks - Type B Hagon Trails & Motocross
Type C

Type B shocks - These feature two coupled springs for fast action rising rate, the units have a long stroke and heavy duty piston rod. Supplied in complete pairs with spring adjuster spanner.
Type C shocks - These shocks are 340mm in length and feature extra long travel, and are pr-65 eligible. Supersoft damping. trails units are pre-load adjustable, motocross units are non adjustable. Supplied in complete pairs with spring adjuster spanner.

Shown L to R: 370mm - 390mm Trail Type C, 420mm Trail Type C, Type B Trail, Type B Motocross


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